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Indian Corn

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We have brought Indian corn for the customers. The corn has a range of health benefits. The corn is often considered to be one of the best edible products that has enormous amount of fiber, which helps in getting the constipation issues treated. There are various ways to enjoy the taste of the corn. Grill some Indian corn and add it in salads is an ideal way to consume this. There are various commercial dishes that utilize the corn such as corn breads, sweet, fried, and spicy corn. 

Indian corn, regularly known as maize, is an oat grain that started in the Americas and has been developed for a really long time. It is a flexible yield utilized for food, creature feed, and modern items.


Features of Indian Corn:

  • Excellent freshness
  • Crispiness
  • Rich flavor
  • Long shelf life

FAQs of Indian Corn:

What are the various sorts of Indian corn?

Indian corn comes in different sorts, including imprint corn, stone corn, popcorn, sweet corn, and flour corn. Each type has particular qualities and utilizations.

What is the historical backdrop of Indian corn in native societies?

Indian corn has a rich history in native societies, where it was a staple food and held social importance. It was utilized for food, services, and craftsmanship.

How is Indian corn utilized for food?

Indian corn can be utilized for different food items. Scratch and rock corn are frequently handled into cornmeal, corn meal, and masa for tortillas. Sweet corn is consumed new, while popcorn is a famous tidbit.

What is the healthy benefit of Indian corn?

Indian corn is a decent wellspring of starches, fiber, nutrients (like B nutrients), and minerals (like magnesium and phosphorus). Various kinds of corn have shifting healthful profiles.

Is Indian corn sans gluten?

Indeed, Indian corn is normally sans gluten. Notwithstanding, cross-tainting can happen during handling, so it's vital to pick guaranteed without gluten items. 

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